New to our school?  This is what you need to know.

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New Student's FAQ

When students first join, there are many questions asked.  We will do our best to answer many of them for you here.  The most common questions are anwered below, but you may also want to check out the STUDENT HANDBOOK.  If there is something you wish to know that we missed, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Q: How do I tie the belt? 

A: Tie_Belt.jpg

Q: Where do the patches go?

A: The picture below will help you with the placement of the traditional patches. 

Dunamis Patch - Right Shoulder
Flag Patch - Left Shoulder
UFAF Patch - Left Chest (requires UFAF membership
Rank Patch - Right Chest (Black Belts only)


Other patches - not to be put on the official CKD uniform!
Gold stars for memorizing the Scripture lesson are placed on the lapel and work their way around. 
SWAT/Leadership patches go on the right arm under the Dunamis Karate patch. 
SWAT stars can go around the lapel or up the pant leg.
Award patches like honor roll, excellent attendance, awesome effort, etc., can be placed going up the pant leg stating with the left leg. 
Stars are also awarded for 1st & 2nd place in tournament competitions.  These stars can also go up the left pant leg.

Q: When will I test for a new belt?

A: We test for new belt approximately every 8 weeks then award belts the following week at a belt graduation ceremony.

Q: How do I learn the student creed?

A: The creed is written on the wall in the karate school.  We recite it before each class.  It is typed here so you can practice it outside of the karate to speed in your memorization.

I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth or my physical health.

I will develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I will use common sense before self defense and never be abusive or offensive.

This is a Chun Kuk Do Black Belt school.  We are dedicated.  We are motivated. We are on a quest to be the best.  Asah!

Q: How long does it take to earn a Black Belt?

A: We have several programs in place.  It will take a child a minimum of 36 months to reach a Jr. Black Belt then an at least an additional 18 months to reach the 1st Degree Chun Kuk Do Black Belt.

For an adult, the minimum training time is 32 months. 

Q: What happens if I miss too many classes?

A: Just like regular school... if you miss too many classes, you don't pass your grade.  It is the same for karate classes.  If students miss too many classes, they will not be allowed to advance in rank.  Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of the classes.

Private lessons can be arranged to make up any lost time ... or if you just need a little extra help before belt testing.

Q: Do I have to wear the whole uniform?

A: During the months of May through October, students are allowed to wear a Dunamis Karate t-shirt and/or Dunamis shorts in place of the heavy gi top & pants.  Karate belts are still required.

During the months of Nov. through April, students are required to wear full uniform, gi top, pants & belt, for all classes.  We do allow t-shirts to be worn during sparring classes.

Various other colored or club uniforms can be worn during class times, but full white uniforms are required for all belt testings.  (Check with your instructor to learn what uniform is allowed for your rank.)

Q: When can I spar?  Do I have to spar?

A: Students need to be in training a minimum amount of time before beginning sparring.  This allows for the learning of some basic skills and how to use them, with control.

Sparring is an upgrade package, part of the Intermediate/Advanced program.  See your instructor for more details or to find out if you are eligible for sparring classes.

Students are not required to spar ... until the rank of Blue Belt, then it really becomes a necessity and sparring will be included in class time & testing requirements... after all, they will be required to spar on the Black Belt test, so they've got to start sometime.

Q: You still have more questions? 

A: Send us an email and we will do our best to get back with an answer quickly!

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