Tiny Tigers Programs for Ages 3-6


Our Tiny Tiger program was specifically designed for the developmental stages of 3-6 year olds.  In this class, each child will experience training that targets skills they are currently developing like gross motor skills, behavior development and character development.  These skills have been broken down into age-specific exercises, games, activities and drills that compliment their stage of development. 

Technical martial arts is very limited in this program when it comes to traditional moves and techniques.  We reserve that portion of development for the older children.  It may appear that your child is not learning martial arts in this class, but martial arts is far more than punching and kicking. The customary discipline and protocol of the martial arts is still there with a mixture of fun games and activities to teach basic kicks, strikes and blocks.  Each week this program will work on building a specific fundamental skill: Focus, Teamwork, Control, Balance Memory, Discipline, Self Defense, Fitness, and Coordination.