Find out about all the services and programs we offer and/or participate in at Dunamis Karate.

Private Lessons - One on One training with a certified instructor

Birthday Parties - 90 minutes of unforgettable fun 

Camps - Misc. kids camps offered throughout the summer and school year

Fitness Bootcamps - 6-9 weeks of fitness training offered periodically throughout the year

Women's Self Defense Seminars - offered periodically or as requested for private groups

Karate Demonstrations - Yearly at the Gopher Hill Festival, Bi-monthly at Belt Graduation Ceremonies, more as requested if schedules allow

Regional Seminars - Twice a Year at various schools throughout our region

Black Belt Testing - Twice a year throughout our region

International Training Conference - Once a year in Las Vegas

Tournaments - Minimum 2x per year, 1 local & 1 in Vegas

Adult/Teen Classes - Ages 13 through 113

Youth Karate - Ages 6-12 

3-6 Year old Karate - Tiny Tiger Program

Hyper Pro Training/Weapons Training 

UFAF Krav Maga Force Training for 13 & Up

Fun Nights/Movie Nights - offered periodically throughout the year

Belt Graduation - Held approximately bi-monthly as scheduling allows

Training Seminars - Offered periodically throughout the year

Leadership Training - SWAT Team - this is a special program designed to build the next generation of leaders & instructors.  We invite students who show interest in helping others to be a part of this special team.  We periodically offer training classes to teach them how to be better helpers and leaders on the mat.  All the skills the students learn help them be better leaders in all areas of their lives!