Questions Parents/Students Ask:

Q: Are classes safe?
A: Karate is a highly supervised activity, in fact, the average student/teacher ratio is only 10 to 1. This ratio is three times less than a public school. The children are never asked to perform any movements that would put them in danger of injury. Our children's curriculum has been specifically designed to accommodate ages 3 and up. This curriculum has been modified so children of these ages can successfully learn and perform all the moves necessary to excel. The curriculum is never harmful, sometimes a little challenging to build greater self-image, but never too difficult because no child will experience "failure".

Q: Will my child have fun?
A: Karate is good, clean fun for all ages ... and a great way to give kids a head start on life. It has been our understanding that parents want the lasting benefits of confidence, respect, self-esteem, and self-discipline that Karate offers but the students just want to have fun.  Our instructors have become leaders in the field of motivating children ... it is a required part of our instructor training which helps us to teach children "so they want to learn".  Motivation, excitement, and fun are the essential tools we use to increase the learning and performance of our Karate kids. Not only do our students learn the most, they have the most fun too!

Q: Will my child learn to be abusive?
A: Absolutely not! Karate is self-defense, not self-offense. Every child is taught our "student creed", which is a necessary part of learning the philosophy of our school. Student Creed number three states...."I will use common sense before self-defense and never be abusive or offensive". Our creed is a commitment students learn in order to maintain the courtesy and integrity of our Art.

Q: How much does it cost and is it worth the money?
 One of our primary focus is to teach children "life skills". Because a structure of respect, courtesy and honesty is built into Karate, children develop the ability to listen, learn, and achieve with a highly regulated environment.

Most sports don't build leadership traits ... if you have the necessary skills to perform, you're in the game ... if not you're on the bench. Karate is different.  The program is designed to develop leaders. Each week we teach the children how to develop such traits as confidence, self-discipline, better listening skills, honesty, integrity and much, much more. The classes combine the fun and excitement of Karate training with weekly character development lessons designed to strengthen our students spirit, soul, and body. All of this is done while we maintain a Christian atmosphere. 

We offer every potential student a "free trial class" allowing each one to evaluate the service we offer and the benefits that will be gained through the training.  Come see for yourself if it's worth the money!

Q: Do you compete in tournaments?
A: We participate in select tournaments that we know and trust.  As students progress in rank, they may wish to test their skills in competition.  This can help encourage students to train hard and keep getting better.  The students who do compete are often much sharper in their skills than those who do not, but all tournament competition is optional, not mandatory.

Q: How do you collect the monthly fees?
A: We have a variety of payment options available.  Most of our members prefer the E.F.T. method as it is the most economical and late fees are never an issue.  However, for the convenience of our members, we also accept cash, check and credit card. (An additional processing fee may apply.) 

Q: Do you offer a discount for additional family members?
A: We firmly believe that a family that 'kicks together, sticks together" that's why we offer substantial discounts for additional family members. We offer up to a 33% discount for families. For more information, contact us (843-726-8400) or stop by and speak to one of our staff members.

Q: How much does it cost to start?
A: We strive to keep our enrollment fee as low as possible.  Our basic membership program is based on 12 months (48 weeks).  The monthly rate is based on how much of a down payment is made.  For more information, please contact us!

 (843) 726-8400 or (843) 226-0889