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Dunamis Karate
is a faith based, family oriented school

training students in the Chuck Norris System,
UFAF Krav Maga Force, Hyper Pro Training
and Hyper Fight Club & Bully Defense.  

We are an official charter school with certified instructors, authorized by
the United Fighting Arts Federation!


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Changing Lives & Equipping Leaders
Spirit, Mind & Body   

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Karate Summer Camps are Coming

We have planned 3 small summer camps for our students to enjoy.  Each camp cost $50 and includes a camp t-shirt.  Students must pre-register by July 28th.  Purchase all 3 camps and pay only $125 – a $25 discount.  Each camp will run 4 hours, from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM.  Campers will need to pack lunch and snacks for the day but drinks will be provided.

 Monday, Aug. 7th   Hyper EMPOWER Bo Staff Camp

Learn bo staff strikes, spins, releases and a cool form that can be used in demonstrations or competition.


Wednesday, Aug. 9th  UFAF Brazilian Jiujitsu Camp

Learn ground fighting skills including positions, escapes and locks.  This camp will have lots of fun games and drills while learning real, useful jiujitsu skills.

Friday, Aug. 11th  Movie Star Camp

Campers will learn stunt fighting, choreography and acting skills.  We will film a short movie starring our campers.  Yes, you will be a movie star at this camp!


Camp Registration Now Open - Space is Limited Click to Reserve Your Spot NOW!



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UFAF Krav Maga Force

Krav Maga Force™ is a simple, realistic, easy to learn, and extremely efficient self-defense system. You will learn it today and be able to use it tonight!

The one hour class, for ages 13 & up, is held two times a week on Tues & Thurs nights at 7:00.

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Hyper Pro Training is a martial arts curriculum with weekly classes, cool contests, challenges and special events. The curriculum helps create martial arts athletes with modern drills, kicks, acrobatics, extreme forms and Pro Athlete Mindset.

Basically it is an incredible program that creates the best martial arts athletes in the

For more information about Hyper Pro Training, click the logo above.